Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nike 6.0 WMNS Braata + Balsa – Summer 2010

A couple weeks ago, we got a look at the Nike 6.0 WMNS footwear collection for later this year. Here’s a closer look at two new releases, the Nike 6.0 Braata and Balsa lowtops. The Braata is a familiar Nike Six silhouette that looks dope in an off-white canvas material, but it’s the Balsa that’s sure to get extra attention here. That’s taking nothing from the Braatas, but this Balsa lowtop gives us some more insight into what to expect from the hightop version we previewed, plus it looks great in blue denim with coral and caramel brown accents. Grab one or both of these today from a Nike 6.0 retailer like Extra Butter.


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