Monday, May 24, 2010

Katsuya Terada x Nike SB Dunk Low | Sample on eBay

We examine plenty of samples here on Sneaker News, but here’s one about as far out of left field as you can get. This Nike SB Dunk Low sample from 2003 was designed by Japanese illustrator Katsuya Terada for the 2003/04 Nike White Dunk Expo, but as you can see, they’re far from all-white. With their patent leather uppers and orange embroidery details, these are something of a retrospective foreshadow to the ‘Hawaii’ SB Dunk Lows from ‘06, but come off more like the ‘Un-’ version. Hypothetical history aside, only 12 pairs were ever made and one of them has just popped up in US mens size 11.5 from croatianstyle on eBay.


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