Monday, May 17, 2010

Air Jordan Fusion 8 “Rainbow” – House of Hoops Exclusive

If your familiar with your Fusion’s, which some of you may be more then you wanna be, you’ll notice that this particular version sports some noticeable differences from those which have released already. For starters, the graffiti-like graphics, which are shown here using a multi-colored design, have been relocated to the midsole. On all the previous models the graphics were always included along the base of the upper, as they were on the original Air Jordan 8. The cross-strap has been removed as well and replaced with an smaller ankle strap, giving the shoes more of an Air Force 1 look then an Air Jordan 8 feel. Besides for the rainbow colored graphics on the midsole, the multi-colored lenticular Nike Swoosh is the other obvious eye-catcher here, and yet one of the other elements not included on the previous releases due to the fact the cross-strap would have covered the Swoosh.


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