Monday, February 15, 2010

Nike Dunk High “Die, Die, My Darling” Customs

When it comes to custom sneakers the team over at Royalefam is defiantly on top of their game. Not only does the brand put together some of the wildest customs but they do so in quantities, making more then just 1 pair and allowing multiple consumers with deep pockets the chance to get their hands on a pair.

Doing a little something for Valentines Day the crew at Royalefam put together the “Die, Die, My Darling” Nike Dunk which to say the least isn’t your usual Valentines Day release. According to Royalefam “Die, Die, My Darling is a Bloody Valentine love story featuring the legendary pin-up girl of the Memphis Belle B-17F flying fortress warplane, Sawtooth nose art, red rival camo, bullet hole print and Valentine blood rose.” The Valentine blood rose graphic is evident on the heel of the left sneaker with the words Dead End Girl printed in white just below it. The Memphis Belle B-17 flying fortress pin-up girl is seen used on the wing of the right sneaker laying in a pool of blood with a bullet hole graphic giving you story that this poor girl has been murdered in cold blood. Not the Valentines Day present she was expecting I would imagine.

Defiantly an interesting pair of sneakers. Not something I think I would wear, but as a collectors piece these are pretty dope and you can’t knock the detailed artwork Royalefam put into these and each pair produced. Keep in mind that this design was replicated on a few sneakers. It’s hard enough to do it on one, nevermind a multitude of em.

A total of 16 pairs of the Nike Dunk High “Die, Die, My Darling” Customs have been produced, with each pair individually numbered and costing $650. If your feelin em and you can front that kind of money for a pair of custom sneakers get yourself a pair now through Royalefam, otherwise follow the break to check out some detailed photos of the shoes.


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