Monday, February 15, 2010

Evisu x Common Projects – Fall / Winter 2010 Capsule Sneaker Collection

No matter how old I get, i’ll always love the black/red/white combination of an Air Jordan shoe or the vibrant neon green on a pair of clean 95s. But there are those circumstances where a pair of Jays or Air Maxes might not fit the occasion, and designers worldwide have embraced the dress-sneaker as the new black of footwear. Check out this collaboration between denim maestro Evisu and dress-sneaker purveyor Common Projects; this collection of capsules features an array of low-profile sneakers and savvy hi-tops in neutral, business-like colors such as white, dark navy, and black. These shoes don’t go without some flavor, as a series of numbers and Japanese characters are branded on the heel. If you’re into the “grown up” sneakerhead look, stay tuned to Sneaker News and we’ll provide the info as always.


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