Sunday, February 21, 2010

adidas SLVR Spring 2010 Footwear Collection

You think somebody at adidas would have done the research and found out that SLVR was a meh of an outdated candybar cellphone. Well, the adidas SLVR collection for spring 2010 is far more up-to-date than your grandpa’s RAZR, featuring sleek lines on an array of lifestyle sneaker designs.

The collection is divided amongst tonal purple, silver and black pairs, with three designs to choose from. There’s a SLVR 119 hightop, SLVR 102 Light Runner, and the premier of the SLVR 128 New Lace Up, which almost looks to have velcro straps, at a glance. Click the jump below for the whole set and check for these at adidas SLVR boutiques and/or online.


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