Monday, February 15, 2010

Nike Air Max LeBron VII Low – I Love NY – Detailed Images

The burning question come the 2010 NBA off-season will be: “Where will LeBron James end up?”. One possibility would be King James running the majestic courts of Madison Square Garden; the Knicks front office unloaded a mass amount of contracts and LeBron James’ favorite MLB team just happens to be the Yankees. But this is all just speculation, which is exactly why the Nike Air Max LeBron VII Low I Love NY was deemed a FAKE sample by Nike because apparently, this shoe ruffled the feathers of Clevelandites. Well, turns out the sample is legit, and now additional detailed images have surfaced.

The Nike Air Max LeBron VII Low features a small air unit with no flywire, but these aren’t the design cues that have us raising our eyebrows. The LBJ23 logo has been replaced by a question mark, which further suggests that LeBron James’ hometown ties to Ohio might not have much weight. Read on to see some great detailed shots and chime in by letting us know where you think LeBron James will end up this October.


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