Monday, February 15, 2010

Greedy Genius Epi Low Preview

As they are known to do Greedy Genius is consistently raising the bar and setting standards in the luxury sneaker department and this year in 2010 you can expect nothing else from them. This year the brand will be launching a variety of new models, such as the silhouette previewed here, the the Epi Low. The shoes feature top of the line textiles such as Epi leather (a popular leather used by Louis Vuitton) and perforated nubuck. A one piece cupsole is reinforced and styled with the full top stitching on the rear and upper panels, and what are known as “Gill” panels are seen extending up above the laces.

No release details are available at this time for the Greedy Genius Epi Low and all we have right now in terms of photos is this solo shot provided by Hypebeast. Greedy Genius is scheduled to be at S.L.A.T.E. next week in Las Vegas so hopefully some more photos of the sneakers will surface soon. We’ll be sure to provide you with whatever details follow


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