Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ambush Design x A Bathing Ape Creep Sta

A Bathing Ape made its name with bright, eye-catching designs that some would call garish, while others loved them enough that you’ve probably seen your fair share of fakes. Here’s a new style so hot off the presses and so unique, you might not ever see them in person, much less in bootleg form. The Ambush x Bape Creep Sta is familiar only by its Air Force 1-like sole, with the upper being something entirely new. It’s not that we’ve never seen a moccasin toe, or a leather-lined dress sneaker, but these are quintessentially ‘Bape’ in that they’re an amalgam of these plus other ‘dressy’ characteristics, all set to cheetah-print pony hair. These will hit the Bape chapter store in Singapore on Saturday, so you’ll need to work your overseas connects to get a pair.


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