Friday, August 6, 2010

Air Jordan IV (4) – Black – Red – Splatter – 1989 Sample on eBay

The trademark feature of the Air Jordan VIII (8) was surely the crazy mult-color design on the midsole. Is it an altered camouflage print? Some sort of graffiti? Either way, the Jordan VIII is regarded highly for its design, but it wasn’t the VIII that first featured that crazy use of colors. Check out this unreleased sample of the Air Jordan IV, featuring the classic black/red/white colorway but with an insane ripped camo graphic on the midsole and the heel of the shoe. Ah, the days when Nike Air and Jordan Brand were in cahoots, because the Nike Air on the heel contrasts unbelievably well with the curious use of the multi-color print. Are these legit? Well, considering this 1989 sample was never released, it’s hard to imagine a ‘fake’ of a shoe that never released would ever be made. Also given the fact that the man selling off this prized gem has a pretty impressive collection himself, we’ll accept that these are indeed the real deal. One man’s trash is truly another man’s treasure, as these were purchased by the seller from a garage sale.


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